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What Are Human Pheromones and Do They Really Work?

The debate regarding human pheromones has been going on for decades but thanks to modern science the evidence strongly points to pheromones influencing human behavior. Numerous studies have shown significant increase in sexual attractiveness when high concentration pheromones are used. Men and women can now take advantage of synthesized pheromones to increase their sex appeal, boost confidence and get more dates. Before we discuss pheromones any further check out this independent news video featuring one of the leading pheromone brands.

How Do Pheromones Work?

Pheromones are natural chemicals found in insects, animals, and humans to dictate sexual behavior and attract the opposite sex...

How To Buy Pheromones

Shopping for pheromones? An introduction to the exciting world of human pheromones and how they can benefit you..

Pheromone Studies

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Featured on CNN, CNBC, Discover, WebMD, BBC News, NY Times and ABC, pheromones have been used by millions of people to dramatically increase sex appeal, get more dates and become the center of attention. Scientists have now discovered one of nature’s secrets that is powerful enough to attract the opposite sex and increase sexual attraction. Pheromone colognes and perfumes are becoming increasingly popular and to make sure you get the highest quality pheromones we recommend the following:


Benefits Of Pheromones

So, what are some of the benefits of pheromone colognes? If so many brands are available, the promised results must be pretty amazing, right? Let’s take a look. Pheromones are reported to do the following * :

Research by ABC 20/20

Pheromones have been featured on TV and major media outlets. ABC’s ran a special on their new investigation show 20/20 to see if pheromones actually worked. Two sets of twenty-something identical twins (male and female) were sent to a speed dating event. One twin w ore a pheromone spray, while the other received a placebo. The dates lasted five minutes each with each twin meeting 10 potential love interests. Afterwards, their dating partners filled out evaluations to indicate which people they would like to see again. Sarah (who had the pheromones) drew interest from 9 out of 10 men, while her twin, Bridget, had 5 men interested. Of the male twins, 10 out of 10 women were interested in Dave (wearing the pheromones), while 6 were interested in Paul.


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