Frequently Asked Questions

Pheromones are substances that are released in our sweat (and other bodily fluids). Mammals and other creatures also release pheromones, and researchers have long accepted that these pheromones are normal sexual attractants that hold a strong influence on their mating behavior.

Likewise, pheromones influence the mating behavior of human beings. These habit-changing substances are the leading reason behind all sexual attraction. They impact how frequently we have sex and with whom. It’s those unseen, scentless pheromones coming from a man (or a woman) more than his (or her) looks or voice that compels the opposite gender. Therefore, when you use habit-changing pheromones, you are more likely to have more sexual encounters than those who think they can capture the opposite gender by wearing a good ensemble, shirt or blouse.

VNO stands for Vomeronasal Organs. They are two little sensory organs found in the nose that functions apart from the part of our nose that recognizes normal scents. The VNO is used to find pheromones, but is not the sole pheromone sensing organ many think it to be. The membranes of the VNO, along with other receptive cells of the central olfactory membrane are accustomed to find pheromones at low concentrations and to move data to the brain/hypothalamus.

Pheromones are not purely for heterosexuals or any type of “sexuals” for that matter. Pheromones can be used to make you appear and feel more desirable and younger to those near you regardless of your aim, sexual or otherwise. Whether you are a male or female, gay or straight, I am assured that supplemental pheromones can enhance your social life.

Pheromones hold up much longer than usual fragrance, but if you administer them to the body, quite a lot is cleaned away or broken down in the initial 4-6 hours. Actual breakdown time relies VERY much on body warmth, sweating, and personal body chemistry; so in the winter on your wrists the aroma may last much longer, and if it gets onto your outfit, it can last for days or weeks! The pheromones can be added to clothes directly and will endure for weeks or until washed out.

Remember that pheromones are instruments. It requires a bit of practice to master to work with them.

Men: Be the “good guy”! Pheromones provide you an air of power, but that can be intimidating for shy women if you look grouchy or like a “lone wolf.” Always search for chances to be useful and supportive of women. It is also hugely imperative to be a sociable, intriguing, fun guy. Pheromones will increase these good qualities, but if they aren’t there in the initial place, there is nothing to improve.

Women: Be sociable! If you start with the “ice maiden” syndrome, pheromones are only going to drive you more out of range, even to guys you would like to get acquainted with. You don’t automatically have to make the initial move, but be prepared to come up with a welcoming smile and possibly even a bright “hello” if you happen to make eye contact with a man.

Everybody: Practice builds perfection. Don’t linger for Mr. or Ms. Perfect to come along before you start behaving like a outgoing sensual human being. Begin now. Be sociable; be accommodating; be witty. Don’t act like the mad old guy yelling at his wood oven: “Damn it! I’ll grant you some wood as soon as you grant me some heat!”

People like to be liked. People like to be around others who seem like they are having a nice time. Women in particular are frequently searching for someone whose life is going in a positive route. Attraction is only half of the picture you provide for others. People are more difficult/interactive /spiritual than other creatures. It needs more than a spray of pheromones to arrive where you are going.

For starters, try all the typical perfume places: wrists, behind the ears, neck and chest. Next stage: inside of elbows and knees if bared. Ladies announce success with ankles and thighs. Needing more caution but supposedly very useful for pheromones in the right doses are: arm pits and hair. Scentless sprays are frequently applied to clothing collars and cuffs for long term needs. Look out for over-application and staining of delicate fabric.

Both skin and outfit applications are useful in their own way. Due to body warmth pheromones administered to the skin dissipate very quickly putting them into “effect” very fast. This could be what you wish in some cases, but it also means the lively components get used up very fast. In addition, pheromones applied to the skin also get washed away by sweat and dwindled down by bacteria on the skin. Scentless pheromone products are easily administered to apparel. Just store in mind that the “scent” will be on there for a LONG time, and could require many washings to come off entirely. You might want to be cautious of fine clothing too.