Are Pheromones Different for Men and Women?

Are Pheromones Different for Men and Women?

While pheromones are a natural substance secreted by both men and women, talk of pheromones has grown rapidly in the past few years due to the growing popularity of pheromone colognes and body sprays. One of the most common questions asked is if pheromones are different in men and women, and the answer is yes. Men and women both secrete sex hormones, but there are definitely subtle differences in the overall chemical makeup of the pheromones.

Differences Between Male and Female Pheromones

Both men and women produce pheromones, and both are for the sole reason of attracting the opposite sex. The pheromone that men produce is called androstenone, and the primary female sex pheromone is called copulin. Androstenone increases the overall magnetism of a man, making him attractive to women who share a similar chemistry, and copulin secretions that women emit are what draws men with similar chemistry to them.

Instant Attraction

When pheromones collide at just the right moment, there is an instant attraction. It is important to note that all relationships take work, and women and men who are in successful and loving relationships share both physical and chemistry attractions as well as a deep love for one another on an intellectual level. Chemistry and pheromones definitely play a part in the early stages of any relationship, but it is up to the couple to build and grow the relationship on a deeper level. “Love at first sight” is definitely a true phrase, and happy couples can often thank pheromones for getting the initial chemistry started.

Pheromones are also responsible for enhancing emotional and trust levels, and this is because when body chemistries are compatible with one another, each person feels a heightened sense of trust and reassurance when they are around the other. This is what is so amazing about pheromones, it is almost like nature knows just who will be attracted to each other! Of course, in today’s world of technology and busy schedules, it is not always easy for pheromones to co-mingle with each other in order for nature to take its course. Many frustrated singles find themselves alone or hitting the club every weekend in search of that special someone, and they are often disappointed to say the least. This is where pheromones can change the life of a single person forever.

Pheromone Cologne

Pheromone cologne works to enhance the natural pheromones of men and women, and just a few quick spritzes is all you need. Pheromone colognes are both scented and unscented, and they can easily be mixed with your favorite scent. These natural colognes and sprays are in no way a “love potion” or a formula that is designed to fool people into falling in love. They are designed with the same pheromone formula as the body naturally emits, and they simply boost your own attraction levels to a point where they can easily be sensed by the opposite sex. If you are like many people in today’s frustrating dating world, the answer is simple. Pheromone sprays truly work wonders when it comes to meeting that special someone, as well as boost your self-esteem and overall social confidence. You never know, you just may meet your Mr. or Miss Right!

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