How To Attract Women

You must have noticed that there are guys who are like chic magnets. These guys are practically not doing anything, and somehow they attract women, who you would consider way out of your league, and these girls are all over that guy. You probably just think that this guy must be loaded with cash, and that’s why these chicks are after him. You may be right in one out of ten situations and in the other nine cases; the guy must be using men’s pheromones.

Recently I tried Androsterone, and went to a party. This pheromone worked like a charm. It boosted my confidence and somehow women sort of felt at ease with me. Now this had never happened to me before, and I ended up with a girl I had my eyes on for a long time and never been able to gather my wits to approach her in the past. Now I will be calling her on Friday and taking her out on a date.

The effect this men’s pheromone has is that it creates a positive aura and sends out a signal that associated the wearer with security, protection and dependability which most women look for in a real man and this attracts women.

I also know many guys who used men’s pheromones and didn’t get any success. The reason is that they thought that this is like a genie and they don’t have to do anything at all and the girls will simply jump at them. Well! This will never happen. All it will do for you is establishing a good impression, a positive aura, before you start communicating with her. After that you have to manage and maintain that impression yourself. If you don’t work on that she will probably start ignoring you after five minutes of conversation.

If you take my advice, check out the entire range of men’s pheromones and what each of them can do for you. You should then select one which suits your situation and behavior problem. Just remember, never overdose, because that will turn the tables on you and you will end up only with a headache and frustration. But if you follow the directions and play it cool then you are likely to end up with the girl of your dreams.

Michael (UK)

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