My Experience With Pheromones In The Nightclub

I love going out to nightclubs, but I was starting to get dejected because I was having no luck picking up. It was literally like I was deflecting hot girls instead of even remotely attracting them! I couldn’t understand why.

One of my close friends mentioned to me on Friday afternoon about a pheromone product he’d recently found out about. He said it mimics our own natural pheromones, and even enhances them. this works on the opposite sex by literally changing their behaviors because of this unnoticeable scent that they detect through an organ in the nose. We all have it, but most of us don’t use it anymore.

This explains why he’s had so much luck lately! I honestly couldn’t work out why the girls were flocking to him, while treating me like I was invisible.

So I figured, why not try it myself? I quite obviously had nothing to lose. It was either that or give up nightclubbing for good and become a full time internet dater. That didn’t sound appealing, so I purchased the same pheromone product that my friend was using.

I first used it on a Saturday night at one of the best nightclubs in the city. I knew if it didn’t work here, it wouldn’t work anywhere. Within the first ten minutes of me being there, I had three amazingly beautiful girls come up and talk to me. My friend had similar success, but he was used to that!

By the end of the night I think I’d had no less than a dozen hot ladies either flirting or dancing with me. It was like I was dreaming. Since I had not changed anything else about myself, I knew it just had to be the pheromones doing their job. They worked. I think it’s pretty amazing that we can replicate these natural functions of the human body by now buying it in a bottle. I can not wait until next weekend to see what luck the pheromones can bring me again!

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