Pheromones for Married Couples

Pheromones are usually thought of as being useful for single people who want to pick up, or attract a certain person of the opposite sex. But in fact, married couples can also benefit from them.

Sexless marriages are not uncommon. You may think you’re one of the rare few who has little or no intimacy with your spouse, but you are far from alone. Unlike most people though, you might be interested in doing something to change it.

That’s where pheromones can help. While some people waste a lot of time and money on marriage counselling, often the theory discussed in these sessions doesn’t work in practice once you get home. Pheromones however, work on a physical level. And it is the physical attraction that can decline once you’ve been married for many years or decades.

Pheromones can help by reigniting that lost flame, encouraging mutual attraction and restarting the passion that you and your spouse had at the beginning of your relationship.

Pheromones work by affecting hormones that are responsible for sexual behavior. By triggering these hormones, a person becomes more in touch with their sexual desires, and thus, become more attracted to the person emitting the pheromones.

Increasing your pheromone signal around your partner will have a psychological and physical effect that result in sexual attraction. For a married couple, this can be a marriage saver as millions of marriages end over lack of sex and physical contact. Bolstering your sex life during marriage enhances the way you feel about one another, helps to strengthen bonds and trust, and provides a sense of intimacy that can be lost along the path of marriage.

Pheromones are not just for the single person – married couples are well advised to use a quality pheromone product that is proven to work for both sexes. When it comes to saving a marriage, every strategy should be considered. Pheromones, unlike many other forms of attempted marriage reconciliation, can result in long-term marriage health and satisfaction for both you and your partner.

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