Pick Up Lines For Men That Work!

For any guy in today’s dating world that is having trouble meeting women, the reason may be that they have no game when it comes to pick up lines. Women can sense a desperate guy from miles away, and using a silly come-on will get men nowhere.

Some examples of silly pick up lines are the classic, “You come here often?” this line has been around for decades, and it never works! Another line that is just plain wrong is, “Are you a thief? Because you’ve stolen my heart!” These lines are so transparent, and any woman can see right through them.

If you are a guy looking to meet a woman and really want to find the right words to say, there are some pick up lines that score points every time. The key is to make the woman really feel that you are interested in her, and don’t overwhelm her with some macho front. Although she may still be aware that you are using a line on her, delivering the line the right way may just land you a date.

Here are some examples of great pick up lines that will help you land that dream date:

“Are you a painter? (no) Well, that truly surprises me, because I am staring at a masterpiece!”

“You are beautiful!”

“You don’t by any chance have a map, do you? (no) I’m sorry, I just keep losing myself in your beautiful eyes.”

These are just some examples, but the bottom line is, compliment the woman! Something as simple as telling her she is beautiful goes a lot further than an overdone line that borders on disrespectful. If you see someone that interests you, take your time, breathe, and offer her the best pick up line ever!

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