Pick Up Lines For Women That Will Leave Him Wanting More!

It may sound hard to believe, but women use pick up lines just as much as men do.  The difference between men and women, is women often have a more subtle delivery, and the guy is usually so entranced he has no idea that she is using a pick up line to get his attention.  If you are a woman that is having trouble meeting a decent guy, you can truly go far by using pick up lines!

Men are easy to please, and their egos are in constant need of compliments. And they are also happy to be approached by women.  Contrary to prior belief, men do like to be sought after!  They may seem tough on the outside, but many men just want to be told how amazing they are, and when they are complimented by a beautiful woman, they may look calm and collected, but inside, they are truly blown away!

Here are some examples of fantastic pick up lines that are often spoken by women when meeting guys at clubs, at the beach, or even at the local coffee house:

“You are the most beautiful man I have ever seen.”

“So, when are you going to ask me out?”  (direct and humorous approach)

“You smell so good.  What is that cologne you’re wearing?”

“Hope to see you real soon.”  (this line is so subtle, but it works!)

“You have great energy.”

These are just a few examples that ladies can use in order to land a date.  Men like to be pursued just as much as women do, so give those guys a break and take control of your dating life!

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