Scented or Unscented Pheromones?

Pheromones when produced in their natural state by the human body, are simply molecules which are odorless. They become airborne and their purpose is to influence the behavior of other individuals – this is an evolutionary trait that we share with many other species and one which certainly came in handy before humans had a spoken or written language.

Back in the days when humans lived outdoors and didn’t wash, natural pheromones were easy to detect. But now that we wash so often, our natural scents are covered and sadly, are all but useless most of the times. That’s where the new pheromone products come into it. Scientists have discovered how to literally capture pheromones in a bottle. Using these simple products can make or break your success with women!

The answer to whether pheromones need a scent to work, or not, is that yes they do but it is not necessarily detectable by our nose. Good quality pheromones are sensed by the VNO or vomeronasal organ which forms part of our nose and mouth olfactory system. Even if you can’t physically smell the pheromone, the airborne molecules are still there doing their job.

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