Distance Needed for Pheromones to Take Work

Pheromones are natural substances secreted by both humans and animals in order to entice and attract the opposite sex. Pheromones are unique to each individual, and attraction between two people occurs when the male and female pheromones work in harmony together. Pheromone colognes, body sprays, roll-on oils, and perfumes are rapidly growing in popularity, as they work with the body’s natural chemistry and enhance the natural pheromones. When your pheromones are enhanced, your chances of attracting that perfect person are truly endless. One of the big questions that many people have when it comes to applying pheromones is how close does one have to be to another individual in order for the pheromones to work?

Certain animals can detect pheromones from miles away, and another interesting fact is that there are significant amounts of pheromones in truffles, which is why pigs will sniff around and hunt all day for these delicious treats. In humans, however, pheromone attraction is slightly different. While men are natural hunters, this does not mean that they can sniff out a woman from a mile away, even though many men would love women to believe this! Men and women are attracted to each other by a physical attraction as well as chemistry, so it is definitely important to be in close proximity to one another. If you are at a crowded bar, for instance, this is not a good environment for pheromone attraction, simply because the abundance of people in the same room can weaken the potency of your organic pheromones as well as pheromone colognes and perfumes. However, if you are at a small gathering such as a cocktail party, or even at the grocery store or work, you can easily attract the opposite sex by standing just a few feet away.

Pheromone attraction allows for a variety of things to happen. One, your natural attractiveness is greatly enhanced, and this allows others to view you as sociable, attractive, and easy going. Pheromone colognes and perfumes also increase your trust levels, and this allows members of the opposite sex to feel comfortable and trusting around you. It is important to note that you are in no way “tricking” members of the opposite sex into falling in love with you; you are simply enhancing your natural gifts, similar to a bodybuilder working out at the gym, or a woman applying makeup before a night out on the town. These people are meeting the real you, and the pheromones simply help you to open up and put your best foot forward.

If you are planning to test out your new pheromone product, a good rule of thumb is to stand within a five to seven foot radius of the opposite sex. This gives you enough space to remain open to the people around you without coming off as aggressive or overpowering. Remember, the pheromones are simply a tool to enhance your inner chemistry, and the rest is up to you. Take a chance on meeting that special someone with the help of natural pheromone cologne. You never know, your soul mate might be right around the corner!

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