Will Pheromones Work During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a magical time in a woman’s life, but it can also be a time where she feels unattractive to her partner due to the fact that weight gain and bodily changes are all part of the natural gift of pregnancy. Many pregnant women are looking for ways to become more sexy and attractive during this time, which brings up the subject of applying pheromone colognes and body sprays. Do they work the same on a pregnant woman? The answer is definitely yes, but the reality is that believe it or not, ladies, your pregnant body is a huge turn-on for men!

There are many reasons why a woman is most attractive during pregnancy, and one of the top reasons is yep, you guessed it, pheromones! Pregnancy hormones go through a variety of ups and downs during pregnancy, and women secrete a significant amount of pheromones. The phrase “pregnancy glow” sums this up nicely, as pregnancy hormones and pheromones definitely create a rosy and attractive glow. Pregnant women also emit an amazing sense of confidence, and this is due to the fact that carrying a baby is something that only women can do. Pregnant mothers are protective and strong, and this heightened confidence is extremely attractive to men. Additionally, pregnancy hormones can lead to a healthy sexual appetite in women, and that is of course, extremely attractive to men!

The bottom line when it comes to pregnancy and pheromones is that they definitely will work to attract the opposite sex. However, the reality is that pregnant women are the only people in existence that give off a healthy and beautiful glow. Pregnancy hormones increase both the physical and sexual appetite, and many men find their partners extremely beautiful during this time. Pregnancy also increases bust and hip size, features that men have been drawn to since the beginning of time. Contrary to what the fashion magazines may say, a full and voluptuous woman is extremely attractive to a man, and pregnancy definitely enhances these beautifully natural features!

If you are feeling unattractive during your pregnancy, this is completely normal. Your body is going through many changes, and you are bringing a new life into the world. It is important to know that your beauty comes from the inside out, and there is nothing more beautiful than a new baby. Take pride in the fact that you are giving the gift of life, and a loving partner will love you regardless of your appearance. Your natural beauty will truly shine through during this time, and your sexual appetite will definitely increase, which in turn can lead to an extremely healthy sex life during pregnancy. However, if you are pregnant and considering using a pheromone cologne or perfume to entice your partner, it is always a good idea to consult with your physician prior to using pheromone products, as certain chemicals in the colognes and perfumes may not mesh well with your pregnancy hormones.

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