Using Pheromones To Attract Your Online Match

In today’s world, social media has made meeting potential mates a whole lot easier for men and women. There are online dating sites all across the world wide web where anyone looking for a relationship, friendship, or even a casual, friendly hook up can simply create a profile, upload a picture, and meet like minded individuals looking for the same thing.

Pheromones have been making the news in recent years as a natural way to attract the opposite sex. Sex pheromones are a chemical that are naturally secreted by the body, and they work almost as a love potion by building up attraction levels between men and women. There are even pheromone colognes and perfume that are made of synthetic pheromones, and when an individual is wearing a pheromone fragrance, they have the power to draw in the opposite sex like bees to a flower.

If you are someone that has been browsing online dating profiles and have met someone that you are ready to take the next step with, this may be the first time you will be seeing that person in the flesh, and are hoping that your internet attraction towards each other plays out in real life as well. When you meet your date for the first time, you will instantly know if there is chemistry. This is due to the fact that your pheromones are reacting to one another in a positive way. When people talk about instant attraction or love at first sight, many times they are talking about pheromone interaction. Of course, there are other factors at play as well, as men and women are both very complex creatures. Attraction is a combination of natural chemistry, personality, and a feeling of comfort between two people, and depending on one’s belief system, destiny may also play a role.

But let’s get back to science and the role that pheromones play. If you are a man and you meet your online female interest for the first time in person, you may be wildly attracted to her. You may not be getting the same signals that you are giving off, but this can be changed. There may be many reasons why a woman is not instantly responsive, even though she may be attracted to you as well. Women often have their guard up on first dates, especially with someone they met online. If you feel that this may truly be the women of your dreams, you will definitely want to take a chance and ask her out again.

Before the second date, you will want to invest in some pheromone cologne, which can be found at specialty stores, as well as online. Spray yourself as directed, and be sure not to apply too much cologne. When you meet your special someone for the second date, your pheromone levels will be increased due to the synthetic pheromones in the cologne, and your date will definitely take notice.

If there was any underlying attraction that she was afraid to act on the first time around, it will definitely be drawn out by the pheromones. And you don’t have to worry that you are deceiving this person in any way, or making her attracted to you under false pretenses, as pheromone colognes work in conjunction with your natural pheromones, and simply build them up to a detectable level. If it is meant to be with you two, the attraction will be natural, organic, and the real deal!

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